Boston fern

Asked May 2, 2018, 9:42 PM EDT

Hi! Last spring I bought a scrappy looking Boston fern on clearance and somehow I managed to bring it to life by mist watering it twice a day. By scrappy I mean it had a few brown fronds. The first picture is what it ended up looking like a few months later in the fall after watering it twice daily iwhile it sat in a mostly sunny area. . It ended up being a full lush bright greenfern. I was so pleased with it. Once the weather started cooling I brought it indoors and left it dormant in the basement throughout the winter. 2nd picture is what it looks like today and the 3rd picture is of its roots it has some green baby fronds. My questions are does it have a chance to return to its former glory?if so what do I need to do? And if not what did I do wrong? How should I proceed? Or do I just need to toss it and get a new one.

St. Mary's County Maryland houseplants

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It's not unusual to see Boston ferns in this condition after storage for the winter. Not to worry! It is possible to help it recover and thrive. We recommend that you cut back all of the foliage (all of it down to about 2 inches) and then re-pot it. You could even cut the root mass in half and separate it into two pots. Put it into fresh, purchased potting soil, and then keep it well watered. When you start to see new growth, you can apply a general purpose fertilizer when you water. Follow the fertilizer instructions for the dosage and frequency.