blueberry fertilization

Asked May 2, 2018, 9:22 PM EDT

recommendation for fertilizing newly planted blueberry plants

Berrien County Michigan blueberries

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Is this for a few backyard plants or a new field?

replants in an established field.

Here is a link to an article on blueberry fertilization.
The recommendation of 15# of actual nitrogen per acre works out to be about 1/8 ounce of actual nitrogen per plant (assuming they are 3X10 or 1452 plants/acre). This would be 1/3 oz. of Urea (46-0-0) or one oz. of Ammonium sulfate (21-0-0) per plant. The fertilizer should be applied in a loose ring about a 6-12 inches away from the plant.
Don't throw it on the plant or you will kill it