Apple and Pear Trees

Asked May 2, 2018, 3:24 PM EDT

I live in Dayton, MN, Hennepin County. I have two apple trees and one pear tree. Estimate age of these trees are 25 yrs old. We have been at this house for one year. I have done nothing with the trees. I'm told the apple trees are Harrelson. Last year we had an incredible amount of apples, however they were were not eatable due to some sort of bug infestation. The pear tree is a dwarf variety I believe to be Seckel. A lovely sweet pear. (No bug infestation with the pear tree) Both apple & pear trees are enormous. I need general information on how to care for these trees. Do they need to be trimmed? (when there is fruit on the pear tree the branches hang to the ground) How do I get rid of the bugs so we can enjoy the apples? This is the first time I have had fruit trees I really have no idea what questions I need to ask. Thank you Pam Osgood 612-759-8487 14700 Thicket Lane Dayton, MN 55317


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Hi Pam,

I'm going to give you some resources, since your questions are pretty broad. U of MN extension has some great resources for growing apples in the home setting:

There is a great downloadable book about growing fruit in the norther garden at the bottom.

Apples are pretty susceptible to many pests, you will need to identify what is eating your apples before I can advise on how to treat them. If you can describe what you're seeing or if you have any photos you can send, that would be helpful.

Here is a link to pest management for apple trees:

As far as your pears go, here is some great information growing pears in the home setting: