Poison Ivy?

Asked May 2, 2018, 11:34 AM EDT

Is this poison ivy or poisonous? This weed is all over my yard this spring. In some cases, the entire plant has "leaves of three." There is also a similar looking/leaf plant that has three leaves at the tip only, but further down the stalk has individual or paired leaves. The leaves look the same but the plants are probably different. The weed with three at the tip and fewer leaves further down the stalk was present last summer. I don't recall seeing the weed with all sections of "leaves of three" last year. For reference, in June last summer we had a dogwood removed that was fully strangled by 15' vines of poison ivy. I don't know if the removal process could have seeded my yard with more ivy?

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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This is not poison ivy.

For help with poison ivy identification, search it on our website.

This may be clematis (there are native and invasive ones as well as benign ornamental ones.)


Thank you. I'm looking now at the poison ivy identification page on your website. Can you tell me what it is about my plant that makes it not poison ivy? Are the secondary leaves opposite, is it the stalk, etc?

Look at the veins of the leaflets. Poison ivy has alternating veins coming from a main long vein. Your leaves have veins emanating from the base. There is an example of the clematis showing its veins on the poison ivy id page if you scroll down.