Bumble Bee nest

Asked May 1, 2018, 4:46 PM EDT

Just found a Bumble Bee nest in my backyard. It is on the ground and about 10 inches in diameter. I don't want to harm the bees, and can fence it off for the season, but am worried that it might grow and become a problem. What do you recommend?

Sussex County Delaware

3 Responses

Bumble bee nests can be home to 50 to 400 individuals and should not be a problem if left undisturbed. You can simply mark the area with some small garden markers as a reminder of its presence and move them should the colony grow. Bumble bees are very important pollinators and your effort to protect them is very welcome indeed.

Do you know if it's likely to last through the next winter? If so, we would probably need to move it. Is that best to do during the winter? Thank you!

Bumble bee queens do not return but start new nests elsewhere. However, a queen born this season or subsequently elsewhere may find and use this location. I suggest that you fill in the area once it is inactive in the fall to make it a less attractive nesting place.