what is this cocoon/chrysalis?

Asked May 1, 2018, 1:20 PM EDT

Hello, I have found three of these attached to the trellis in my garden from last year, in a place I grew primarily tomatoes (some herbs, eggplant too). It's beige to brown, about the size and shape of a sand crab shell, and in hardness and texture, it's almost like Styrofoam. As you can see, it's tightly wrapped around the metal fencing. I don't want to destroy it if it's something beneficial, like a spider, but if it's something that eats garden plants, i's like to get rid of it ASAP, as I'm going to plant this year's tomatoes and eggplant soon. Thank you.

Charles County Maryland

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This is the egg case of a praying mantis. They are beneficial, so keep it.