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Asked May 1, 2018, 9:15 AM EDT

Hello, I was told to use a low nitrogen, 5 or less, for tomatoes and other vegetables, is this correct? I was also advised to not plant my tomatoes until June 1. Should I wait that long? Thank you so much.

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If your soil is amended with organic matter such as compost on a yearly basis, you may not need to fertilize.

Here are some tips on fertilizing. Begin with a soil test and
fertilize as necessary based on soil test recommendations for your garden and the needs of your different crops.
Also, look at each crop you are growing for fertilizer recommendations. See tomatoes and fertilizing. For example, tomato yields can be increased if plants are fertilized when little green fruits first appear. Apply a thin layer of compost to an area before planting seeds or transplants.

Planting - tomatoes are a warm season crop and will just sit in cool soils. They are usually planed in mid May or later. If we have a frost, be prepared to protect them with a floating row cover.