Fertilizing Iris in Minnesota

Asked April 30, 2018, 6:55 PM EDT

Hi… In the past I have purchased iris fertilizer from Anderson Iris in Forest Lake.
their formula is 6-24-24……. Can you comment on this formula for beared iris or suggest another?
thank you Chris

Ramsey County Minnesota

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We always recommend a soil test before fertilizing. The tests are easy and inexpensive. Here is the website of the soil testing lab:

Since you don't have a soil test result, I can't comment about how appropriate the fertilizer is. The only comment I can make is that iris should not have high nitrogen fertilizer, since high N makes plants produce foliage at the expense of bloom. The fertilizer you mention is low in nitrogen. It would be appropriate, if used at the proper rate and if a soil test report shows deficiencies in P and K. Read here about growing iris in Minnesota: