Choosing variety of quince tree

Asked April 29, 2018, 11:56 PM EDT

I had an Aromatnaya quince tree. It lived about 8 years, producing wonderful fruit for a few years before dying of what seemed like fire blight. I want to get a new fruiting quince tree and wondered if you had advice on what varieties are hardiest around here.

Baltimore County Maryland

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As a species, quince suffers from fireblight more than its apple and pear relatives. I would say that is pretty good that you got those productive years out of your quince. Unfortunately, since they are not a major fruit crop here, there has not been as much research and breeding work done by universities or USDA for fire blight resistance. 'Pineapple', 'Smyrna' and 'Mellow' may be somewhat more tolerant of fire blight than 'Aromatnaya'.

The National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Corvallis Oregon has a website with lots of links on quince. The University of Wisconsin has trialed a number of minor fruit crops, including quince. Their climate is very different from ours, but they may have some useful information at the website below. As far as varieties, you might check with nurseries in that specialize in unique and hard to find fruits like Rolling River Nursery (CA), One Green World (OR) and England's Orchard & Nursery (KY). Note that varieties that grow fine in the relatively dry western states will likely have much more problems with fire blight here in the humid Mid-Atlantic.

Thanks so much for your response!

You're welcome. Happy growing!