Is this a bedbug exoskelton?

Asked April 29, 2018, 10:21 PM EDT

Hi, I've gotten 10-12 bites in a line on my belly. I lifted my mattress and found what i think may be the shedding of a bedbug#$@#%@! Could you please help me identify if this is molted bedbug skin? It would be helpful to know if I need to call in an exterminator or can try to control on it my own. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Montgomery County Maryland

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We viewed the photos and this does not look like bedbugs. This looks like shed skins from carpet beetle larvae. The hairs on the larvae may cause some irritation.
Here is some information on carpet beetles. They are common pests of fabrics and often feed on dead insects, accumulated hair, or lint. Your vacuum cleaner is the best defense against these insects. After using it, dispose of the bag contents promptly; they may include eggs, larvae, or adult insects. Prevention is the best control. Regularly clean baseboards, hard to reach areas behind furniture, corners, cracks, woolen rugs, upholstered furniture, etc. You should be able to tackle this on your own. No insecticides are recommended. See our website for more information


Thank you so much. My family really appreciates it. Thanks to UMD Ext fpr this amazing public health service!