When is the best time to transplant Eastern Redcedar?

Asked April 29, 2018, 10:58 AM EDT

I have an 18" high Eastern Redcedar which I would like to relocate to a sunnier location than where it's now situated on my property in Olney, MD 20832. When is the preferred time to transplant this tree? Also, I'd be grateful if you would suggest any soil additives or combinations of soil components which are appropriate to use with Eastern Redcedars. Thank you.

Montgomery County Maryland

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The Eastern red cedar is a tough plant (botanical name: Juniperus virginiana).
You can transplant it in spring. Early spring (April) is usually a terrific time to transplant, but everything's a little late this year so this can be done late, too.

It does not require rich soil. You can mix a little organic matter into the backfill of original soil, but it's not necessary. Once established, it is perfectly happy in dry soil, but for the first two years you might consider watering during droughts from spring to fall.

"Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping" is a wonderful resource for native plant selection and conditions.