Blueberry prohibition

Asked April 28, 2018, 9:15 PM EDT

The supplier is telling me that they cannot ship the Ka-Bluey Blueberry to Michigan, CA, GA, nor WA. Can you tell me why this is for Michigan?

Washtenaw County Michigan blueberries

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Michigan restricts the importation of blueberry plants to prevent the introduction of blueberry viruses into Michigan. Blueberry Viruses such as Blueberry Shock and Blueberry Scorch do not occur in Michigan and when they are found the infected plants are destroyed. These two viruses have become widespread in other blueberry production areas due to the importation of infected nursery stock. Nursery plants cannot enter Michigan without a virus free certification. This policy has been in place for since 2002. I am not familiar where this nursery gets their nursery stock but a large mail order nurseries use multiple suppliers and often changes suppliers so their new supplier may not have the required certification or they may not wish to ship blueberries to Michigan for another reason. I hope this answers your question on restrictions on importing blueberry plants into Michigan. There are many blueberry nurseries in Michigan that produce certified virus free plants.