Growing ivy in a planter box

Asked April 28, 2018, 8:50 AM EDT

I want to grow a vine -- presumably an ivy -- on a brick wall facing east in Washington DC. I would prefer a plant with small leaves that change color in the fall. Can you suggest a variety? How deep shold the planters be? Thank you.

Montgomery County Maryland

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We do not recommend English ivy as it is invasive. Boston ivy is very aggressive and you may not be able to keep in bounds. It also has clinging tendrils that stick on the wall and not recommended. Steer clear of ivy.

To overwinter outdoors Plants in containers need to be 2 zones hardier than your zone. You may be able to place the container next to your house and cover with pine boughs or shredded leaves for winter protection. Or even better sink the container in the ground to protect the root zone from the cold temperatures.

Perennials - Clematis spp; You may need to erect a trellis. Not aggressive and does not have a massive root system. You may need a 5 gallon container.
Annuals - Black eyed susan vine, mandevilla, hyacinth bean


Many thanks. ....wdc