Needlecast and Apple Scab Treatment

Asked April 27, 2018, 7:54 PM EDT

I have had a problem and had a professional arborist diagnose my spruce trees with needlecast. I previously had a company spray but it is getting to costly and I want to treat the trees myself. The company used to spray twice at the start if spring; they also said the times to treat vary from year to year. When are the times this year I should treat my spruce trees and any recommendations on what I should use (products available to the homeowner). I also have the same question for treating apple scab on crab apple trees. When to treat and what to use? Treatments with a company are just to expensive.

Dakota County Minnesota

1 Response

For needlecast, see

For apple scab, rake up and remove any remaining leaves that may have been infected with apple scab last year. Bury infected leaves in a backyard compost pile or take them to a municipal yard waste site.

Here’s your deadline to have the greatest impact—do it before tree buds open and ¼ inch of green leaves can be seen emerging.