Roundup/glyphosate not working on these weeds

Asked April 27, 2018, 11:55 AM EDT

I have been unable to remove these weeds with Roundup. My goal is to kill these weeds, add good topsoil, then seed grass over this septic drain field. Please recommend an appropriate means to do that!

Clinton County Michigan

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Needless to say through your own experience all weed killers are not made equal. It took a few hours of research before I came up with sprays that you can use as a home gardener. First is one that I’ve good success in my lawn is Triclopyr containing products. That needs application in spring when the weeds are first blooming. Next would be a product called Southern Ag 2 4D Amine. 3rd is Speed Zone which includes 2 4 D 2 ethylpyr ester 26.5 %. As always when using garden chemicals follow the instructions on the package exactly for your safety and best results for the product. Thank you for using the Ask an Expert System.

Thank you for taking a stab at it! I'll give those a try.