applying chemicals in what order

Asked April 27, 2018, 1:20 AM EDT

I have a great deal of possibly clump grass in my flower beds plan to use Roundup. I also have a large number of bulbs to plant. I also need to apply a treatment for disease, then feed all the plants that are already coming up. What would be the best order to apply each chemical

Virginia Beach Virginia

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If you have plants already coming up in your beds Roundup would damage them as well. You may want to use a grass only herbicide like Fusilade or Poast or Ornamec. If its annual bluegrass in your beds that will be dying as temperatures warm up though. I would recommend bringing a sample of the grass to your extension office on the second floor of Building 14 in the Virginia Beach Municipal complex on Princess Anne Road. You can also pick up a soil test kit to see what nutrients you need to fertilize the bulbs and other plants you want to grow.

Their office number is 385-4769.