Eliminating grass, mulching a yard

Asked April 26, 2018, 8:43 PM EDT

I want to eliminate grass from part of the yard and put in mulch. Gardener friends tell me to use a sod cutter, then put down plastic covered with mulch. Please tell me the preferred way to do this.

Denver County Colorado

1 Response

Stripping away the unwanted grass with a sod cutter will work. Of course, you will ten have to dispose of the grass pieces, ideally you would compost them.

Alternate methods of removing unwanted grass include hacking it away with a tool called a mattock, applying a glyphosate product (like Round-up) to kill it, or smothering it by laying black and white newsprint on the lawn you want to kill (overlap the newspaper sections at least 10 sheets thick and weigh it down with 4 inches of wood chips to keep it from blowing).

Instead of plastic use something called landscape fabric which is porous and allows for oxygen exchange. Better yet, skip the fabric and plant the area with shrubs and ground covers.