Cup Plant and Hibiscus dividing and relocation

Asked April 26, 2018, 3:30 PM EDT

I have 3 cup plants ( 2 are about 15" wide at base and 1 about 10", picture included). I want to divide and move them. Do they have a deep root system? I read they will grow along streams and swamps. I plan on planting them along my back property line that overlooks a marsh area that shows water in spring but no sign of water during summer when weeds get big. If I dig down along the fence line the soil will be very damp even in the summer. Since the plants are tall they seem to blow over easily. Is this a consideration for location?
I used to have 2 perennial hibiscus plants (rose mallow type I think) flanking my drive. Two years ago one died off and last year only a couple stems came up from the base. The other was fine. The base is probably 15" wide (I've included picture). Can this be divided in half and transplanted? Thanks Henry Paetzel 612 802-3378

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Mature cup plants have tap roots and do not transplant well. Try moving the young offshoots. If the plants are prone to flop, a sheltered location is best.

Because Hibiscus moschuetos is slow to emerge (late spring or early summer), fall division is preferred. It is somewhat difficult to transplant and may fail to bloom for a couple years after the move.