fungus on two red cedar trees; what to do

Asked April 26, 2018, 11:38 AM EDT

Two of my red cedar trees have an orange fungus on their trunk and limbs. Did not see in past. Yesterday it was more gelatinous and drier today. In orange streaks. Looks like cedar-quince rust from pictures on internet, but have no knowledge of quince or apple trees in neighborhood. Have not noticed fungus (or any galls) before on these trees. What can I do?

Montgomery County Maryland

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We agree with you. This looks like cedar-quince rust. Alternate hosts can be miles away so you wouldn't necessarily be aware of them.
Quince rust doesn't make 'apples', just the pustules on the branches. On small twigs or branches, if it completely encircles the branch, it will kill it.
There is really nothing that we suggest you do.

Here is our page on rusts: