adding Boron in certified organic

Asked April 25, 2018, 5:49 PM EDT


We have a certified farm in Willamette Valley and we are growing mixed vegetables. Our soil report says we are low in Boron and the recommendation is to add 1 lb of actual B per acre. Most of the Boron products on the OMRI list are allowed with restrictions. Is this soil report all we need to justify use of Boron?


Lane County Oregon organic production organic certification boron deficiency

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Boron is an allowed micronutrient that you can apply with a documented soil deficiency. A soil test is a great way of documenting this deficiency and justifying the use of the micronutrient for compliance. In addition, please note that for continued use you would have to regularly justify the application of Boron with continued soil testing. So, if after this first application an additional soil test shows it is still deficient you would be allowed to continue to apply.

Just remember to always contact your certification agency, if you are certified as organic, and ensure that the input you are applying is approved for use and see if they have any additional documentation needs to justify the use of the boron.