Hello, I live in Minnetonka on an acre and a half of property. Starting at...

Asked April 25, 2018, 5:25 PM EDT

Hello, I live in Minnetonka on an acre and a half of property. Starting at the road, we have a steep downgrade that spans the entire property. At the bottom we have woods, then Purgatory Creek running through. Over the past years, we have noticed much erosion, and the water runoff pooling, greatly increasing to where it is now a very large area. It also has created an unstable area where many trees have fallen, and now we have a huge pile of trees. We would like to use permaculture principles to create sustainable growing areas for humans and wildlife alike. I am wondering if you might help me to sort out what we need to do to (unfortunately, we have a very low budget to put I to this) I feel really overwhelmed and would love suggestions on these questions... 1. How to improve the creek and surrounding area for a cleaner and safer habitat? 2. How can we restore the land that has become so wet? 3. What can we do regarding all the fallen trees? Thank you in advance for your help and assistance, it is very much appreciated! Jenny

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Here is a link to erosion control https://files.dnr.state.mn.us/assistance/backyard/gardens/native_plant/nativelandscaping.pdf First, you can only modify your own property, down tree removal can be contracted of by the homeowner. Improvement of the creek will probably require contacting the city.county/state. Wetlands are also under the DNR control.

Thank you for the info.