Peach tree leaf curl

Asked April 25, 2018, 4:41 PM EDT

I have 6 elberta peach trees with leaf curl and have tried the copper solution treatment last november and March and one last time in April without seeming to effect the leaf curl. Would like to get info from fromcommercial peach growers on how they take care of peach tree leaf curl.

Benton County Oregon peaches fruit trees

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First of all, stop the copper as it does not work - for leaf curl. It does work for shothole which is another problem we have on peaches during the dormant season. Lime sulfur works better but they are not making it in small quantities anymore (although I did notice some at Susan's which used to be Schmidts). Chlorothalonil based products will be your best bet. Not as good but will get after both leaf curl and shothole. Good coverage is the other trick that commercial growers have. Have a look a the following publications: