When do pear trees bloom in Denver?

Asked April 25, 2018, 4:15 PM EDT

When do pear trees typically bloom in the Denver area? My Warren Pear tree has no blossom buds yet, but I am wondering if that is typical or maybe it isn't going to bloom. It is a fairly young tree. Thank you!

Douglas County Colorado

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Pears bloom early, usually the end of March to early April depending on the weather - at the same time you see Forsythia in bloom. This year we had some cold temps which pushed back bloom time of the pears so they have been blooming the last week or so.

Your tree could be delayed because of where it is sited, but you certainly should be seeing buds swelling or flowers blooming by now. That you haven't suggests there may be a problem: maybe the buds got frozen or maybe the dry conditions we experienced last summer and fall damaged your young tree and it's not going to bud.

Check bud viability by gently wiggling a bud with your finger. It should be soft and malleable not hard and crusty.