Infestation of tiny winged bugs in new house

Asked April 25, 2018, 3:40 PM EDT

We just moved into our new home in the country around Christmas time and we are trying to figure out an issue we are currently having with an infestation of small winged bugs. Attached are pictures of the little bugs. They congregate around the window sills...right now we can vacuum off about 20 on the window sill in the morning and again in the evening. We tried to use bug spray around the window sills but it has not helped. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

Marion County Oregon

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Thank you for your question and thank you for the picture with the penny for size comparison. Unfortunately, I am unable to see distinctive features that would let me give you an accurate identification of what species it is. You can always take specimens to your local extension office for assistance with identifying them. The Marion County Extension office is at 1320 Capitol St NE #110, Salem, OR 97301, 503-588-5301, A correct identification will help in addressing the problem.

It is a true bug, as you said. There are several species of bugs in the Pacific Northwest that congregate in large numbers and become nuisance pests when they get indoors. Many of the species show up in large numbers in the spring as they emerge from overwintering sites and then again in mid- to late-summer. These flushes generally last a couple of weeks or so and then the populations diminish.

The best management options are 1) seal cracks/gaps/openings in doorways, windows, utility lines, etc. - any place where they may get in - to prevent movement inside. 2) for those that get in, vacuuming them up as they collect on window sills is the best option. The bugs get inside and then are attracted to the light at windows, so they tend to congregate along window sills - where you are able to vacuum them up. Just be sure to empty the vacuum into a closeable bag after each cleaning so the bugs can't get back out.

Perimeter exterior insecticide sprays may *help* but not totally solve the problem. The trick is finding places where the bugs are coming in and treating those exterior areas. Test a small area first to make sure the spray does not stain your walls.