using nitrogen fertilizer for Walnut Anthracnose

Asked April 25, 2018, 10:42 AM EDT

Over the years, I noticed that my black Walnut trees lose their leaves quite early, and also turn yellow and have spots on them. I went to the internet and found that this may be anthracnose and that one treatment is to fertilize with nitrogen in the spring. The article I was going by (see link below) doesn't really specify how much to fertilize. Do you have any advice regarding this? The article:

Montgomery County Maryland

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Walnut trees are tough natives, and Anthracnose is not of concern here in Maryland.

It is normal for them to leaf out late and drop leaves (which will often be spotted) early.
We don't suggest fertilization. Of course if you fertilize your lawn, your trees are getting a dose anyway.
Your tree will be fine.