What plants can co-exist with vinca groundcover?

Asked April 24, 2018, 10:07 PM EDT

That’s it. I am adding a new part sun part shade large garden this year. I had some vinca already growing and last fall threw lots of plants in, including hostas on sale, astilbe, wild ferns, ligilaria. I am trying to figure out whether the vinca will choke everything out or whether these plants can coexist. Thanks for your thoughts? I have von a growing on a nearby hill with viburnum and ligilaria. Thanks

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Vinca does not tend to smother existing mature plants, however where you have it, few plants will seed in. It may have some allelopathic qualities or just out-compete other plants for water and nutrients.

Vinca is a non-native invasive plant in Maryland, due to its ability to aggressive spread--it will not stop until stopped by humans. Also, it out-competes natives, which the native wildlife depend upon. Never plant it in natural areas or where it can spread into natural areas. It is extremely difficult to clear once it gets in.

If you can contain it, it can be a satisfactory groundcover, but we recommend planting native gorundcovers where possible. There are some terrific ones.