Need plant ID

Asked April 24, 2018, 5:34 PM EDT

Can you identify the attached plant. It is blooming now and has obviously spread rapidly.

Howard County Maryland

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Actually, these plants have been around since last year.
This is garlic mustard, a horrible non-native invasive plant. These plants are all 2 years old. Garllic mustard is biennial. Last year seed sprouted and formed small rosettes. This year it is blooming. Next, it will form seeds that explode from the seed pods all over your garden. Don't let it go to seed!

Pull all of these plants ASAP. In the future, keep a very sharp eye out for the first year rosettes. Since you have so many plants in one spot, there is a good chance that one plant did produce seeds there a couple of years ago. After you pull these plants, there will probably still be some seeds from the "Mother" plant still in the soil. The seeds can live for over 10 years. Pull up any seedlings!

Click here for more about garlic mustard (the worst thing about it is that it is taking over our parks and natural areas):