Master Gardener Classes

Asked April 24, 2018, 4:14 PM EDT

Hello, There is tremendous interest in having a Master Gardener Class in the Petoskey/ Gaylord area. It has been quite some time!! I belong to two garden clubs, one in Harbor Springs & Petoskey. My friends & I would appreciate an opportunity to become more skilled.

Emmet County Michigan

2 Responses

Our Master Gardener Coordinator Mary Wilson is out of the office for a few days but will be in touch. Thank you for connecting with us.

Thank you for your interest in the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program! Unfortunately, we do not have plans for a training course in the Gaylord / Petoskey since we do not have consumer horticulture staff to offer the training in this area. However, we do offer training in Traverse City and the staff are exploring moving this training further east to increase access to residents of other Northwest MI Lower Peninsula counties. The precise location is unknown at this time. The training course would be coordinated by Dr. Nate Walton who is based in Sutton’s Bay. Dr. Walton would also provide the volunteer management of the trainees and volunteers. You may want to send an email to Dr. Walton indicating your interest (

Thank you.