How to eradicate this invasive from my lawn?

Asked April 23, 2018, 1:48 PM EDT

Hello! I have increasingly had this creep from my garden (not wanted there either) and into my lawn. Can you please identify it? It's slowing taking over my lawn and while the lawn isn't overly healthy in general, how do I eradicate this invasive?

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This is ajuga, which is horribly invasive in the home landscape, yet is still being sold. (And, it is a non-native which means it is listed as an invasive that invades parks and natural areas.) It was originally planted as an ornamental groundcover.

As you no doubt know, it spreads by runners, but it also spreads by seeds, which can live in the soil for many years.
Don't let it flower and form seeds!

Pull all of it, yearly, in the beds. In the lawn, you can try a broad-leaved herbicide, but before spending the money on one, read the label carefully to see if it will kill ajuga. You will probably not find one labeled to selectively kill ajuga in a lawn.

In your lawn, we'd recommend waiting until early fall (late August) and spraying the patches with a glyphosate herbicide. Glyphosate is a total vegetation killer. Only get it on the ajuga, as much as possible. After it dies, overseed (fall is the best time for seeding lawns.)