Elusive raccoons

Asked April 23, 2018, 10:58 AM EDT

I live on 10 acres of mostly wooded area. I have recently noticed that we have quite a few large raccoons (1 to 3 in most trees if not more). So in my inquisitive nature I started watching them and observed. I have discovered many facinating behaviors but one really baffles me. What I found is that I know there are raccoons in the trees because I see the same ones climb up in the morning and out at night. But when I'm trying to find them in the trees they are completely invisible. You can hear them and see the branches and leaves rustling, but you cannot see them. I am certain I've caught a glimpse of them with binoculars doing some very clever things. Such as hiding in tufts of leaves and peering at me through tiny slits between the leaves. Sometimes if they knew I was looking directly at them they would cover their eyes with the leaf or back up extremely slowly until they vanish once again. They always seem to know when I'm looking at them. I understand this sounds a bit crazy, but I know they are clever animals. Is there any answer to the elusiveness of these phantom creatures? Have others witnessed this behavior as well? Or am I actually nuts?

Pasco County Florida wildlife

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Raccoons, as am sure you already know are nocturnal creates that will generally hide during the day. I have not seen the behavior you have described but it certainly doesn't seem surprising to me. Raccoons are still prey animals to many so hiding behavior is common, and they also could be in the trees going after birds' nests for food as well. Follow the link below for additional information and control methods if needed, also feel free to contact your local extension office as well.