Plum flower browning and died

Asked April 23, 2018, 10:31 AM EDT

My plum trees were blooming beautifully then all of a sudden all the flowers on one of my trees turned brown and dropped off. It looked like it was going to recover because new blossoms were emerging, but they also died. It has now been almost a month and no new flowers are coming on and the remaining parts of the flowering body has turned paper brown and crispy. Only one tree was affected at first but it looks like the other one that is about 10ft away has also been affected. They are 6 yr old trees and this is the first time anything like this has ever happened.


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Hello, thanks for contacting us.

Do you see any signs of insects on your trees.
From the pictures it seems the leaves are curling. Is that observation correct?
Has there been any spraying done by you or your neighbors? If so, do you know what product was used?

On receiving your reply I will continue researching your question.

Thank you Shawn V. No insects were found. The leaves have all unfurled beautifully, I also suspected my tree was sprayed, as even the new flowers coming on have died. I had a tree expert come out and he said it was probably frost damage, but I still suspect herbicide. We did have a couple of days of light frost and a hail storm, though, so I just don't know.

Also, if it was herbicide, I would have no idea what it was.

OK. Do you need anything more from me?

Nope, thank you for your time and expertise.