Any hope for this tree?

Asked April 23, 2018, 7:25 AM EDT

It wasn't really a rough winter here, but I noticed that this evergreen really looks bad this spring. I've enclosed three photos so you can see the extent of the damage. Is it weather damage or bug damage? Is there hope for it or should I replace it? I'd always rather care for it than replace it.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Your Alberta spruce looks like it has spruce spider mite damage. This spider mite prefers cool weather and is active now.

Here is info on what it does and how to control it:

Generally when half a tree is so damaged, it is hard to get the tree back into a pleasing shape, but you can try. No harm done by trying. It looks like it has not yet begun to put out new growth this spring. Wait until it does to judge whether branches are dead or not. Keep it well watered this summer during dry spells, as it is stressed enough already and needs to regrow.