Yellow spots in yard

Asked April 22, 2018, 8:17 PM EDT

We do have a lot of vole damage in our yard. I do know what that looks like, but there are also many many yellow spots in yard, that look like damage done by dogs urinating. I know that does not happen. I have never seen our yard look this bad in spring. What are they? And how to get rid of them. Also, I planted a 2 1/2 inch elm last summer, and the beetles made a shambles of it, is this going to be a regular occurrence every year, if so, is a male ginkgo a better option for no insect damage . Thank you

Scott County Minnesota

1 Response

Thank you for your question. Without a picture of the yellowing spots, it is rather difficult to come to any conclusion other than dog urine, although you might have other wildlife visiting your yard and relieving themselves. We would need a photo of the spots from a distance, as well as closeup, to analyze the plants that are impacted.

There have been some advances in controlling the elm bark beetle (if that is what you have), that are detailed in this Extension article. Minnesota Yard & Garden indicates that ginkgo trees are "remarkably free of diseases and insects." However, many people complain of smells the female trees produce, as discussed in the article.

There are no plants entirely perfect for our gardens! Hope this is helpful. Good luck!