Over watered trees

Asked April 22, 2018, 6:45 PM EDT

We planted two Crape Myrtles and two Arizona Ash. The leaves are dying back so I got a moisture meter to check the soil. They are completely over watered and we have stopped all watering. Will they survive and grow new leaves? Is there anything else we can do besides no water for a bit?

Taylor County Texas

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Unfortunately there is nothing you can do expect to wait and see.
If I could predict whether a plant survives or not, I would have been famous. There are many factors that can contribute to the mortality of the plant. In this case, things such as: length of time drowning, amount of damage done to plant cells, vigor or ability of the plant to withstand the drowning, and others.

If plants should survive, you should see new buds relatively quickly (these may be tiny but will begin to swell). IF branches become brittle and easily snapped - that wood is dead. If many branches exhibit this symptom, it may be time to consider removal and replanting.
I should aslo note that if you do see some recovery it may be a good idea to remove (prune) out dead or weak branches. This will help the plant to direct resources to the good parts.

Good luck.