Will browsed cole crops regrow?

Asked April 21, 2018, 11:54 PM EDT

Wild ducks landed in my garden and nibbled most of the leaves on my kale, cabbage, and cauliflower, leaving the stems and some small leaves. The plants had been in the garden about 3 weeks-1 month and were 4-6 inches tall. Are they likely to regrow, or am I out of luck?

Clackamas County Oregon

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If the plants have 1 or 2 true leaves left on them it is certainly worth a try. Those that are just stalks will not be able to photosynthesize so it is less likely they will recover. To give them the best chance you might float a row cover over them to protect from further attacks should your wild ducks return.

Garden fabric (row cover or floating row cover) can be used in so many ways. Protect plants from cold and wind. Block insects and prevent spread of disease. Keep soil and plants from overheating. Row cover is readily available at full service nurseries. Here is a publication from Washington State University about using row cover. http://cru.cahe.wsu.edu/CEPublications/FS089E/FS089E.pdf