Correcting a young Maple Tree

Asked April 21, 2018, 3:53 PM EDT

Should I stake this royal red maple to correct the lean? I planted the 5 gallon tree last year in the spring. Thank you.

Dakota County Minnesota

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You could try just one line. Use a non-abrasive material on the trunk of the tree. As it is a small tree, women's nylon stockings will work well. Tie the rope to that and then to a stake. It will probably need to be staked for one full season. I see you have had problems with maples planted too deeply and encircling roots. Make sure your tree is up high enough. The first 'real' root should be just barely below the surface of the soil. If it is deeper, the planting is still new enough where you could dig the tree and replant at a higher level.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I attached a picture of how deep the tree was planted. Hopefully, you can see the first “real” roots at or slight below ground level.

That could actually be a bit deeper so there is some soil over the roots. But what is going on with the bark? Rabbit or mechanical damage? If so, how much of an area is damaged.

I believe that nudge is the graft union. Thank you again.