Asked April 20, 2018, 8:25 PM EDT

I have tried everything! I have sprayed Neem oil for weeks and nothing is getting better. They are completely dead on the inside brown and needles falling everywhere. I have done the white sheet of paper and shaked the tree finding mites and other bugs. I've also noticed webbing around certain areas of the trees.The tips are now turning yellow and I'm losing sleep over it. We live in a community where nature is our fence line between our neighbors and are not allowed to fence off with typical fence. We have a 10ft+ line of these trees and at this point are all in jeopardy of dying. Please help! Is there someone that can come out and take care of this that I can hire? I cannot lose them. PLEASE HELP!

Multnomah County Oregon

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Good news. Your arborvitae look very healthy. So, you can stop spraying.

It is normal for interior branches and greenery to die because they are shaded out. Some people periodically clean out the dead interior to facilitate a bit of air circulation through the plants.

The yellowing at the tips of the branches is also a normal process. Those small tips are the male pollen cones. With time, they will turn brown and drop of their own accord.

If you are still uncomfortable about the condition of your hedge, consider inviting several Certified Arborists for onsite evaluations. (These are tree care professionals who must pass an exam and, then, must acquire continuing education to maintain their certification.) You can locate nearby Certified Arborists by searching with your zipcode at