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Asked April 20, 2018, 1:35 PM EDT

I recently put in an order for quite a lengthy list of seeds requested for educational/ research purposes as a homeschool teacher. I was denied by some cultivators for unknown reasons. And on my order request form there are status' of each requested species that either say "pending", "new", "reviewing", or "cancelled". Can anyone please explain to me why they would deny a request for very beneficial studies? And what each status means? And how to know if you have anything actually coming to you at all? I was really excited about using the GRIN database for seeds to use this season but it's getting later and later to a point where it's overall very dissapointing that it looks as though this won't be working out for us. Very saddened by that. Your site is amazing though, I really appreciate the amount of time, effort and information you've put into it. It is extremely helpful!

Lebanon County Pennsylvania

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I am sorry to learn that the National Plant Germplasm System has not been able to meet your request through GRIN in a timely manner. This experience is not unique and is a reflection of the failure of funding to keep up with demand. Centers that I am familiar with have not been able to fill positions and may lack key curators or have a single person handling grow-out, purity testing, and meeting requests for very large multi-species collections. Due to these issues the NPGS may filter requests to determine if they are for a use that is compatible with the intention of the collection. Research/educational use is legit, though the center may be wary of the "home" use as this might also imply personal use in the garden. eXtension and "Ask the expert" are not affiliated with the NPGS and GRIN, and so I can only speculate that the length of your list may have set led to concern. The responses "pending", "new", "reviewing", or "cancelled" will have different meanings. "Pending" sounds like it is being processed, perhaps waiting for a time when the curator has time to package and send seed. "Reviewing" suggests that the center is trying to determine whether the request is a legit use. "Cancelled" may have occurred for any number of reasons, including unavailable accessions. My suggestion for the future is to pair down your request and put in the request many months before you want the seed.

Thank you ever so much for your very informative and helpful response. Everything you said makes perfectpsense. I will know for next time how to obtain germplasm with a better approach when requesting. Thank you for taking the time to assist me with my questions.