Bug in live edge slab island

Asked April 20, 2018, 12:27 PM EDT

You identified my bug in pictures below last week as safe for my newly constructed home. Just catch them when we see them coming out and drown them. We see one at the edge of his new hole. How can I force him out? I can’t stand here all day waiting. He went back deeper after I took the picture.

Clackamas County Oregon

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Good news. You don’t have to stand there.

If the place where the borer is emerging is just above the first drawer from the left, adjacent to the overturned storage container, invert a clear glass jar over the hole, then walk away. (After the beetle has emerged, it will be trapped until you have time to deal with it.) After you see the beetle in the jar, slide a stiff card underneath the jar. Then, holding the card in place, turn the jar upright and set the cover on top of the card. Next, slowly remove the card, secure the lid, then put the jar in the freezer for several days, until you’re certain the beetle is dead.

(This process will be easy to understand when you view the images at “A Simple Technique for Insect Removal” - https://citybugs.tamu.edu/2012/06/12/a-simple-technique-for-insect-removal/.)

But if the emerging beetle is somewhere along the side, tape a small freezer bag to the counter to secure it over the emergence hole until you return.

It’s worth knowing that the beetle may be too weak to exit completely. If so, wait until it dies, then consider how you might remove the remains, perhaps with a vacuum or with tweezers.

Thank you. Actually that’s exactly what we did. The glass bowl you saw on the counter was over the hole waiting for him and the container was to capture and freeze. He just seemed to poke in and out several times like he knew what we were up to. I wasn’t sure he’d ever come and might find another way out! He came out this morning!
I appreciate your helping us with t

I'm pleased to know about your low-tech success! Now you have some great stories to tell family and friends.