Insect nest or Fungi?

Asked April 20, 2018, 8:05 AM EDT

I saw this white object attached to a tree in a wood. Could you tell me what it is please?

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Outside United States mushroom identification

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Thank you for contacting eXtension. I would like to forward your question to an expert, but the location information states only "Outside United States" which is not specific enough to be helpful. What is the geographic location of the photos of the object you're hoping to have identified?

Thank you for your reply. The geographic location is in the UK, in an area called Silverdale, Lancashire. Silverdale has co-ordinates 54.1675° N, 2.8268° W.

Kind regards, Ian.

Dear Client,

Sorry for the delay in response, we mislabeled this as an insect identification. Your white object is most likely some species of mushroom (or more specifically a puffball). Here in North America, we have mushroom species that we call stump mushrooms, Lycoperdon spp. I would suggest that you follow up with a local mycologist to learn the true identify of your white object.

I do hope this helps you with your mystery organism!

Hi Michael,

Many thanks for your response and your suggestion. I did what you said and I reckon you are completely correct. Most helpful!

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