20+ Bee Hives on 5 acres

Asked April 18, 2018, 11:03 PM EDT

Hi, Overnight our neighbor placed 20+ multistacked beehives 5' from our property lines.There is no hedge, fence, or barrier, and the bees are currently swarming to the point where at times there is little visibility. We just moved to the area a few months ago, and there were no hives when we moved in this past winter. We have severe allergies, including those to bee stings. Had we known that bees would be placed directly next to our property, we would not have purchased this proeprty due to our allergies. Are there setback limitations in Benton County? Is there anything we can do? We are all about farming and bees, however this came as a huge surprise to us and was unexpected, as well as is a severe health concern.

Benton County Oregon

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I am not sure where exactly you are located, but i am assuming that this beekeeper probably is aware of the county ordinances/regulations and is keeping bees in accordance with the current ordinances/regulations. I would suggest having a friendly conversation with this beekeeper regarding the problems you are facing with placement of bees near your property. There are few things the beekeeper can do to minimize the activity of bees near your property such as placing the hives in a way that the hive entrances are facing away from your property, placing the hives as far away as possible from your property etc.