Spider Repellent

Asked April 17, 2018, 2:14 AM EDT

Is there any repellent that I could use to get rid of spiders?
I'm arachnophobic.
I bought a house one year ago and doesn't matter how much I clean the house, keeping every window close all the time (I don't trust in the screens), watch the door when coming in and out. The spiders keep showing up. I don't know how it come in. I don't know if it is hiding on gaps in baseboards this whole year. What I know is that is no others insects in the house to "feed" it. I have babies in the house, so I never sprayed anything to kill spiders inside the house just for the kids safety.

Multnomah County Oregon

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Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, you can never get rid of all spiders nor can you block all possible entries.

It’s worth knowing that dangerous spiders don’t live in Oregon in spite of urban lore and news stories in which “facts” are often blown out of proportion.

Fortunately, phobias are not innate. They’re learned behaviors, often resulting from a frightening experience during childhood. Sometimes the source is a significant adult in the child’s life who “freaks out” whenever a spider is seen or is simply suspected to be present.

The good news is that phobias can be unlearned, but only with persistent personal dedication to tackling the process. Consider discussing this issue with your health care provider.

Many spiders live outdoors where they are considered beneficial because they help limit certain insect pests in gardens and landscapes. But few people are willing to share their indoor spaces with them So, to keep them out, all possible entries must be blocked. Window screens can help. Also suggested is to seal obvious cracks and crevices with an appropriate caulk or sealant. The catch, though, is that people seldom discover all such entries.

You might use sticky insect traps indoors. For greatest efficiency, place the trap on the floor just inside an exterior doorway and against the wall. Discard when full.

Also consider hiring a pest control company. “Selecting a Pest Control company” has sound advice: http://npic.orst.edu/pest/selectpco.html. Interview at least 3 companies to learn what they propose to do and how they will protect your family against pesticides, organic or not.