What sort of weed killer on a well property?

Asked April 16, 2018, 5:24 PM EDT

Hello, We need to get rid of some crab grass and weeds that are popping up all over our gravel driveway. We are on a well property, so are there certain products that might contaminate our water supply and that we would be better off not using? Thanks! Naamith

Lane County Oregon

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Hello there!

There are several weed killers available that would pose a low risk to your groundwater, but it's important to consider other factors.

  • What is your soil type? More clay would slow down leaching chemicals. More sand would speed them up.
  • How deep is your water table? If you are near a river or stream, it may be quite shallow.
Next, you can go to your favorite local store and look at pesticide labels. You may see this statement in the "ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS" section of the label:
"This chemical has properties and characteristics associated with chemicals detected in groundwater." That's the kind of product to avoid.

However, I think you'll find plenty of options without that kind of water warning. In particular, products with the active ingredient "glyphosate" would pose a very low risk to groundwater (well water). It tends to stick, very strongly, to soil particles.

Thanks for your question!