native grass for small acreage

Asked April 16, 2018, 4:32 PM EDT

We have a 4 1/2” property in Hudson, Co. I need advice on native grass seed, drought tolerant, low maintenance that I can use for a couple small areas areas where my grandkids play. Also would like to use a native grass seed for some areas that are just dirt, to cut down on dust and mud and prevent erosion problems. Any advice would help!

Weld County Colorado

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Thank you for your question about growing native sod type grass. I am sending you a link to a very helpful article. Please be sure to read the part at the beginning about the difference between bunching grass and sod-forming grass. I understand from your description that you will want sod-forming. As with any plants that we Colorado gardeners grow, these grasses too may need extra pampering until they are established. I’m also including a link to some possible places where you may be able to find these seeds. Gina