average rental fee for community garden plots in Md

Asked April 15, 2018, 4:36 PM EDT

In New Town Owings Mills we have a small community garden. We charge $10/year for plots less than 100sq feet, $20 for 100-200 sq ft, and $30 if larger than 200 sq feet. Are these fees too low, about right, too high? I'm sure there are a wide range of fees - depending on the community, location, etc...just trying to get a sense and some examples what other community gardens charge, what they include, etc... Any suggestions where I might find information on this? thanks! Bob Book 410-459-4390

Baltimore County Maryland community garden plot fees

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We don't track plot fees charged by community gardens in Maryland each year and there is wide variation. Your fees may be a bit on the low side as we generally see fees of $25-$50 for 200 sq. ft.

You could contact Baltimore Co. Dept. of Recreation & Parks to find out what they charge for plots at county-run community gardens.

Two suggestions: include all gardeners in the fee-setting process and consider the garden's short, medium, and long-term needs when setting fees.