grass seed or pre-emergent first

Asked April 15, 2018, 1:55 PM EDT

Okay, after this blizzard it'll be weeks before I can start on my lawn. I have areas that are very bare of grass. I need to prepare the soil before seeding, but there are weeds some weeds growing there too (some just bare spots too). What should I do first?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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You can't put down a pre-emergent before seeding because it will keep the grass seed from sprouting. You could go ahead and sprinkle the grass seed on the bare spots if you can get to them without walking on it. Since the soil is so wet it will cling and settle in. If it snows on it fine. When the temps are right the seed will sprout and should have a good amount of moisture. You may have to remove the weeds by hand or spray later when the grass is established. A pre-emergent won't do anything to weeds that are already growing. Here are a couple of links that have lots of info about lawn care. .