New house with a garden and no gardening experience

Asked April 15, 2018, 11:45 AM EDT

We just purchased a house in Lebanon with 1/4 acre that has an established garden with several fruit trees and raised beds. In reading through one of the OSU publications, I found that residents of Linn County that have fruit trees are required to have pest control programs. Is this for everyone or just for people who gather and sell the fruit from their trees? Also, how can I get more information on caring for my garden? Thank you!

Linn County Oregon gardening fruit trees

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Thank you for asking and welcome to the gardening world!

I am not sure which publication you may have been reading, but it was probably referring to commercial growers. There are some fruit trees that can spread disease to nearby (like next-door) orchards, so if that is your case - check with the neighboring orchard to see if they have a preference. But it is up to you as a homeowner to decide what you want to spray or not spray on your trees. The only regulation that applies to both commercial and private fruit tree owners is: Read the Label. Whatever it says on the label of the product is what the law says you can (or can’t) do with it.
But not to scare you too much, here are a couple of great articles that will help you start out with new fruit-tree-ownership.
In addition, here is a basic gardening publication for the Willamette Valley: You can download a PDF for free, or order it online for $2.00, or pick up a free copy (along with many other great publications) from the Linn County Extension Office at 33630 McFarland Road in Tangent.
And lastly, check out the current issue of Growing, on this page:, to read about what to do in the garden this month as well as upcoming gardening classes and events. There is also a lot of information at the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden, located at the north end of the Linn County Expo Center on I-5 in Albany.
Have fun in your garden!