Moon Glow and Sun Glow apricot trees

Asked April 15, 2018, 11:09 AM EDT

Hello, About 15 years ago, I planted either a Moon Glow or Sun Glow in my sunny boulevard. The tree is doing very well and produces lots of blossoms in the spring but predictably few fruits. I would like to plant another apricot nearby so the tree will produce. How do I find out which tree I have so that I can plant its mate?

Minnesota apricot id

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In Minnesota I wonder if you didn't plant either a Moongold or Sungold apricot. They are the 2 hardy varieties that are very common. It is hard to tell how you can find out for sure. There is a slight difference in fruit size. Here are links to Bailey Nurseries info about each. Maybe you can figure out which you might have based on the descriptions. . . Apricots are often subject to being damaged by late spring freezes due to their early bloom times. You might be able to visit an orchard that has both and compare the trees to yours.