Worms in tree cavity "soil" question

Asked April 15, 2018, 7:19 AM EDT

I direct a bee education company www.UrbanBeesandGardens.org in Oregon.

Am curious to know the worm species/habitat needs I keep finding in the moist soil at the base of tree cavities ( result of years of frass build up + rotted wood?) often very full of 1.5 inch-ish, bright red thin worms.

I'm working on the hypothesis that these conditions contribute to healthier bee colonies. Part moisture...part probiotic benefits of contact with fungal spores I've been told form these cavities, I believe in one of Paul Stamets' lectures...of Fungi Perfecti.

Another Q is...how do these worms make their way up the sometimes 25' to BE in the cavity in the 1st place?

Thanks much in advance for your time and reply,


Brian Lacy


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Hello Brian,

I would like to refer you to an emeritus professor who is currently studying natural bee colony ecosystems. She may have some answers for you! I will email you directly with her contact information. Thank you for using Ask an Expert!