Subject Latern Fly

Asked April 14, 2018, 10:23 PM EDT

How soon do they expect them to invade here in Ellicott City, MD ? How dangerous are they to people? How destructive are they to typical vegetable garden plants ? And landscape foliage

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We can't say for sure when spotted lanternfly will arrive. It will probably get into Maryland this year at the rate it is moving. Check back to our website as the season progresses.

Put 'spotted lanternfly' in our search box to reach our webpage listing. It provides all you need to know at this time. This is an invasive insect with a wide host range. Vegetable are not a big target.
Be sure to check out the links.

Meanwhile, all Marylanders can eradicate Tree of Heaven, another invasive pest, linked to spotted lanternfly. You can also search this on our website for control methods.